NLRB: USC Broke the Law in Dornsife Faculty Unionization Vote

A National Labor Relations Board Hearing Officer has found the Provost Quick and University administrators broke the law in our recent union vote:

ObjectionNLRBProvist Quick’s all out union-busting campaign of illegal threats, misinformation, and a pay increase timed days before the vote were key factors in the NLRB’s decision to set aside previous union election results in Dornsife and conduct a new election.

For months, we have condemned the administration’s underhanded tactics, calling on the University to remain neutral throughout the unionization process so that we may cast our vote in an environment free from University intimidation. Now, we have a second chance to decide our future through a fair and democratic process that respects our voices.

The details of our union election will be determined by the National Labor Relations Board in the coming weeks.


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